Small-Group Acropolis and Acropolis Museum 4-hour Percy Jackson Tour

Our popular 4-hour small group tour of Acropolis and Acropolis Museum inspired by Percy Jackson is available for booking online! You can check the available dates and book your seats by clicking here:

3-day Small-Group Percy Jackson Trips


Below you can find the current list of our small-group 3-day Percy Jackson Trips in Greece for 2020. The dates mentioned below are the starting trip dates, meaning that your arrival flight should have already took place one or more days before.
Our small group Percy Jackson Trips have a capacity of maximum only 4 families per trip. Availability is extremely limited so please get in touch with us the soonest possible.

Available Starting Dates of 3day Percy Jackson Trips

February 2020 March 2020
  • Sunday 16th
  • Wednesday 19th
  • Tuesday 10th
  • Thursday 26th
  • Saturday 28th
April 2020 May 2020
  • Wednesday 1st
  • Monday 6th
  • Wednesday 15th
  • Wednesday 22nd
  • Monday 25th
  • Wedesday 27th
June 2020 July 2020
  • Thursday 4th
  • Wednesday 10th
  • Sunday 14th
  • Wednesday 17th
  • Monday 22nd
  • Wednesday 24th
  • Sunday 28th
  • Tuesday 30th (until July 2nd)
  • June 30th to July 2nd
  • Thursday 2nd
  • Monday 6th
  • Τhursday 9th
  • Sunday 19th
  • Μonday 27th
August 2020 September / October 2020
  • Wednesday 19th
  • Monday 24th
  • Sunday 30th
  • Wednesday 2nd September
  • Tuesday 20th October
  • Monday 26th October

Are you ready to live the Percy Jackson adventure in Greece?