5 Reasons why all Percy Jackson fans should visit Greece

5 Reasons why all Percy Jackson fans should visit Greece

The Rick Riordan books featuring Percy Jackson have inspired a generation with their unique twist on Greek Mythology. After all, it’s easy to disappear into the world of Percy Jackson and his friends, where adventure waits around every corner! What if you could have your own mythological adventure though? Here’s 5 reasons why every Percy Jackson fan should visit Greece! 

Visit the places mentioned in the Percy Jackson Books

The Acropolis in Athens will be one of the places to visit on a Percy Jackson tour in Greece

There are many key locations in the Percy Jackson books, some of which are fictitious, and some of which are real. Greece, as the original home of the Greek Gods, of course features prominently, and a visit to Greece is a great opportunity to see some of those places mentioned in the books.

The Acropolis is perhaps the most obvious example. In the Percy Jackson universe, Percy and his friends battle against some of the Giant army here in ‘The Blood of Olympus’. In ‘real life’ so to speak, the Acropolis is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Greece, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Olympia is another location that features in the Blood of Olympus, but that can also be visited during a vacation in Greece. The birthplace of the Olympic games, it too is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Learn more about Greek Mythology

Meet Poseidon- The Greek God of the Sea!

The Percy Jackson books cleverly use and expand upon the rich cultural heritage of Greek Mythology. Whilst this is a fun and creative way for kids to learn about Greek myths and legends, having the opportunity to learn about the original Greek myths themselves is another great reason for Percy Jackson fans to visit Greece.

During our Percy Jackson mythological tours of Greece, our guides will share stories from Greek mythology in the very places they may have originated from. Whether talking about the Oracle at Delphi, King Minos and the Minotaur at Knossos or Athena in Athens, your kids will come away have greatly improved their knowledge of Greek myths and legends.

To take part in a family Olympics

Ancient Olympia

In the Blood of Olympus, Percy and his friends have to battle Nike at Olympia. Whilst we can’t promise any battles if you decide to visit the archaeological site, we can take you to the running track and organise a family race! There really is no better location in the entire world to organise a family sprint competition than the race track on which the very first Olympic Games was held over 2000 years ago! Perhaps it’s time to start training now…

To visit the Temple of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion is an essential placefor all Percy Jackson fans to visit!

As fans will know, Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea. When visiting Greece, it is possible to take a trip to a temple dedicated to Poseidon just an hour’s drive away from Athens. This magnificent temple has an unparalleled position overlooking the Aegean Sea, and it is easy to understand why the ancient Greeks thought that this place was so special. During a tour of the site, our guide will explain about the myths and legends connected with Poseidon and the Temple. They will also explain how it is thought that the Temple of Poseidon forms one of three points of a ‘sacred triangle’ of temples. The other two points are the Parthenon on the Acropolis, and the temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina.

To enjoy our Percy Jackson themes Mythological Tours!

Our final reason that Percy Jackson fans should visit Greece, is to experience one of our vacation packages or tours! We’ve created a unique approach to introducing Greece to families with kids who are Percy Jackson fans which we’re sure you are going to love. Our concept involves keeping everyone engaged, having plenty of interactive games and quizzes, fun and friendly guides and more. It’s a Greek adventure we’re sure all the family will remember for a long time to come!


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