Author: Dave Briggs

Did you know that the Parthenon in Athens may make up part of a Sacred Triangle of temples? It’s one of many intriguing mysteries concerning Ancient Greece!

The Panhellenic Games were four prestigious athletic festivals held in different parts of Greece, dedicated to the Gods from Greek Mythology. Here’s everything you need to know.

Love and tragedy feature strongly in Greek mythology, often in the same tales. Here, we look at the most intense love stories in Greek Mythology and their not-so happy endings. Love Stories in Greek Mythology Ancient Greek myths are roller-coaster adventures. The characters often go through ‘hero cycles’, where they have to overcome adversity to

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Artemis is one of the  Olympian Goddesses in Greek Mythology. She is the Goddess of hunting, the moon, nature, childbirth, chastity, and animals and has a very significant place in the Greek mythological universe.

In Greek Mythology, Hestia is the Goddess of Hearth and Home. Although a central figure in the daily lives of ancient Greeks, Hestia has a low key role in Greek Mythology.

Ares was the God of War in Greek Mythology, and one of the powerful Olympian Gods. Treated with ambivalence by ancient Greeks, and despised by Zeus, Ares represents a neccessary but unwelcome aspect of humanity.