The Peloponnese region of Greece has long been steeped in myth and legend. Home to the mighty Mycenaean civilization, this is the land where Hercules performed 6 of his labors, where Olympian Gods strode among men, and where King Agamemnon launched a thousand ships against Troy. For Percy Jackson fans, the Peloponnese is a veritable playground of things to see and do. Here’s some ideas to help you plan a family vacation in the Peloponnese, Greece.

The Peloponnese

Leave Athens, cross over the Corinth Canal, and you will find yourself in the Peloponnese. This large peninsula is filled with rugged mountains, natural beauty, and ancient sites. Numerous powerful city-states such as Argos and Corinth rose to prominence, and the Mycenaean civilization dominated the area for centuries. Amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites await the visitor, and Percy Jackson fans will love visiting some of the sites mentioned in the books.

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The Peloponnese for Percy Jackson Fans

Here are just some of the locations in the Peloponnese which are mentioned in the Percy Jackson books. All of these and more can be visited on our Greek Mythology Tours. 


anc corinth temple apollo acrocorinth view luti shutterstockAncient Corinth - luti/

Controlling an important trade route, Corinth became a powerful city-state. It was also connected with Greek myth, where Corinth is mentioned in the tale of Jason and the Argonauts. The Sorceress Medea was one of the characters featured in this myth, and Rick Riordan adopted this frightening person in The Lost Hero. Percy Jackson fans visiting the Peloponnese should definitely add a stop at Corinth into their itinerary!


Palaia epidaurus harbor Antoine2K depositphotosOld Epidaurus harbor - credits: Antoine2K/

This sprawling archaeological site is best known for its theater with perfect acoustics and the Sanctuary of Asclepius. This was once a healing sanctuary dedicated to the Greek God of Medicine Asclepius and is a fascinating place to explore. People from hundreds of miles all around would visit here in search of a cure for their ailments, and there were even bunkhouses for travelers to stay in! In The Blood of Olympus, Piper, Leo and Jason meet Asclepius in the Asclepion, where Jason is given a pair of glasses.


mycenae2 Anton Ivanov shutterstock copyMycenae - credits: Anton_Ivanov/

As mentioned before, the Mycenaean civilization dominated what we now know as Greece before mysteriously disappearing. The heart of this civilization was Mycenae itself, a place where King Agamemnon was said to have lived. According to Greek mythology, the city was founded by Perseus the son of Zeus. Now, as Percy Jackson fans will know, Percy is the son of the God of the Sea Poseidon, however, Sally Jackson (Percy’s mother), named him Perseus as he was one of the few heroes who survived until the end.

Ancient Olympia

ancient olympia Georgios Kritsotakis shutterstockAncient Olympia - credits: Georgios Kritsotakis/

In ancient times, athletes from all over the Greek lands would travel to Olympia to take part in events that would bestow honor and rewards onto the winners. During this time, there would be a period of truce between the different city-states so that athletes could safely reach their destination. If only Percy had such a truce when he visited Olympia! In “The Blood of Olympus” Percy Jackson and his companions battle Nike. A challenge is issued when they claim that Adidas shoes are superior to Nike shoes! A fight then breaks out, and the companions manage to abduct Nike and take her back to their ship. Visitors to Ancient Olympia today can visit several different temples, see where the athletes trained and lived, and even take part in a running race on the track that is thousands of years old. Role-playing battles between the kids in the arena are optional!

Where to stay in the Peloponnese

Greek Mythology Tours have a number of packages that might appeal to Percy Jackson fans and mythology buffs interested in exploring the Peloponnese peninsula. As part of a 5-day family Greek Mythology Tour, you would get to visit all the sites above, along with the highlights of Athens and Delphi. During a 7 day tour, all of the above would be included, as well as some time spent in Crete - another must-see destination for Percy Jackson fans! Family-friendly accommodation in the Peloponnese would be arranged using our network of trusted providers in places such as Mycenae, Olympia, and Nafplion. Contact us today for more details. All of our Greek Mythology Tours are created on a tailor-made basis, with our basic packages just being used as a guideline. If you would like to create your own mythology tour with us, or just cherry-pick sections of the itinerary, contact us today. We are more than happy to help create a personalized family itinerary for your next vacation in Greece.