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Did you know that the Parthenon in Athens may make up part of a Sacred Triangle of temples? It’s one of many intriguing mysteries concerning Ancient Greece!

The Panhellenic Games were four prestigious athletic festivals held in different parts of Greece, dedicated to the Gods from Greek Mythology. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Combine your passion for Greek Mythology with sightseeing when on vacation in Greece. Here’s four of the best mythological day trips from Athens.

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Make 2019 the year you discover more about Greek Mythology by taking a Greek Mythology tour during your vacation in Greece. Combine visiting the main tourist attractions in Greece with insightful, unique tours specifically designed for lovers of Greek Mythology.

The powerful city of Mycenae was the heart of the Mycenaean civilisation that dominated Ancient Greece between 1600BC and 1100BC. Said to have been founded by Perseus himself, Mycenae was the centre of many Greek myths and legends. 

The Palace of Knossos has origins that begin in legend and Greek mythology, and is a must-see place when visiting Crete. Situated just 5km outside of the city of Heraklion, this background information can help you prepare for your Greek Mythology Tour.

If you are planning on spending a few days in Athens as part of your Greek vacation, these suggestions will prove useful. From the best museums in Athens, to Olympic stadiums, here’s some great things to do in Athens for Greek Mythology fans.

Perseus is one of the most famous legendary Greek heroes, but how much do you know about him? Here, we share 5 interesting facts about Perseus, some of which may surprise you!