Flaim family vacation in Greece

"I cannot recommend Greek Mythology Tours highly enough. Christina was insanely helpful, responsive, organized & professional. It would be crazy to use any other tour company because this company is perfect. The guides had masters in art history and one was an archeologist! Absolutely fascinating and the connection to Percy Jackson was really fun. I think I learned more than even my son (8 y.o.)."

Story Insights

Which things did kids and/or adults like the most?

We loved the personalized nature of the trip and that the guides were archeologists and art historians. We learned tons of information in a fun and accessible way.

Share any fun story or a memorable moment from your trip.

We visited the canal at Corinth then traveled to Epidarus. I'll never forget the tomatoes at the roadside cafe where we stopped. They were sensational. 

Share something that you (or your kids) learned that you did not know.

We learned many things, but I'll never forget seeing the tree that Athena gave to Athens near the water that Poseidon gave to the city. What a way to bring ancient stories to life!

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