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Family in Knossos Palace - credits: Andrew Angelov/ Shutterstock.com

Experience a unique family trip to Greece during this 7 Day Family Greek Mythology Tour. The fun-filled itinerary combines seeing the major highlights of Greece with elements the kids will know from the Percy Jackson books. Accompanied by expert local guides, you will travel from the Acropolis to the Labyrinth, visiting ancient temples and learning all about Greek mythology. This Percy Jackson Tour ensures that this family vacation in Greece will be enjoyable for everyone!

What to Expect :

The 7 Day Greek Mythology Tour is a private family tour planned just for you. All the transfers and accommodation will be arranged using our network of trusted family-friendly service providers. You will visit the major archaeological sites of Greece such as the Acropolis, Temple of Poseidon, Delphi, Corinth, Nafplio, Epidavros, Olympia, Knossos and more. At each site, a fully licensed expert local guide will accompany you, explaining the history behind each place, and its connection in Greek Mythology.

This family trip to Greece isn’t based on facts and figures though. Our Percy Jackson Tours help bring each place alive through storytelling and interaction. Parents will love being able to visit several UNESCO World Heritage sites in Greece, and kids will get a kick out of following in the footsteps of Percy Jackson. Fully customizable to your needs, the 7 Day Greek Mythology Tour is ideal for families who want the vacation of a lifetime in Greece.

Kindly note that we have opened up specific dates in 2021  each month for our 3-day trip, when you can join a small group of up to  families to share this legendary adventure with! See the available starting dates hereAfter this exciting 3-day adventure, you can extend your trip with  additional days of private tours in ancient Olympia,  Mycenae, Ancient Corinth and the Palace of Knossos in Crete!

Note: The Percy Jackson tour to Greece and its promotion are not sponsored by Rick Riordan or Disney*Hyperion and they specifically disclaim any legal obligations or responsibilities for the tour.


Why book this package :

  • Specifically-designed family trip to Greece
  • See the highlights of Greece
  • Perfect for your little Percy Jackson fans!
  • A great way to learn about Greek Mythology
  • Everything organized for you
  • Unique private tour
  • A fun experience for all the family



Athens Highlights and Cape Sounion

We hope you feel rested after your first night in Athens. Your mythology trip to Greece is about to begin! Today, you will be visiting the highlights of Athens and the Temple of Poseidon in the company of our local guide, who will meet you at the hotel after you’ve had a good breakfast.

You will soon discover that your family has a day of fun ahead of them, as the guide introduces themselves and explains what you have lined up ahead. The first destination is the Acropolis Hill, a natural rock formation which is still as dominating now as it was in the days of ancient Greece. On the walk up to the top, our guide will point out places of interest, and keep everyone engaged with tales from Greek Mythology. If your kids are Percy Jackson fans, they will love the chance to compare Athena and Poseidon from the books with the real myths!

At the top of the Acropolis Hill, you will be shown the most significant structures by our licensed guide. They will also take you to places where you can get the best photos of not only the Parthenon but also the magnificent views out over the city of Athens, ensuring the kids will have a fun and educational time learning all about ancient Athens!

After the walk down from the Acropolis, our guide will then take you to the Acropolis Museum. This modern museum is one of the best in Greece, and displays artifacts found at the Acropolis. Our guide will explain what the most significant artifacts are, and also show you how some of the statues were not white at all – they used to be painted in many different colors!

When the museum visit is over, it will be time to make a decision about lunch. If everyone is hungry, our guide will take you to a nice family-friendly restaurant in Athens. If you can all last a little longer though, it might be better to get straight into the vehicle and drive along the coastline to Cape Sounion. We know a couple of excellent taverns specializing in seafood along the way. There may even be time for a swim in the sea during the summer or a visit to the impeccable Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation Cultural Center!

With lunch over and everyone rested, the private family tour then carries on to Cape Sounion. This part of the day will be really special for Percy Jackson fans, as this is where the Temple of Poseidon is! In the Percy Jackson books, Poseidon is, of course, the father of Percy Jackson, and in Greek Mythology he is the God of the Sea. Looking out from the temple and over the sea, our guide will explain some of the myths and legends associated with both the temple and the sea itself. There’s an interesting story as to where the Aegean Sea got its name from!

As the sun finally lowers, you will also experience a magical sunset at one of the most sacred ancient temples in Greece. The colors change as the sun sinks into the waters, and there are many benches where you can all sit together and appreciate the majesty of the occasion.

Finally, you will leave the Temple of Poseidon behind you and begin the drive back to Athens. It’s been a full day, and a wonderful introduction to Greek Mythology, but there is more to come over the following days!

Stay Overnight In: Athens


Visit the Oracle at Delphi

Your second full day on the Greek Mythology Tour will be spent at one of the most important places in the ancient Greek world – Delphi. What will the Oracle have to tell you?

We will collect you from your hotel after breakfast, and then take you by private mini-van to Delphi which is about 2.5 hours away. This UNESCO World Heritage site was so important to the ancient Greeks, they called it the ‘navel of the world’. People would travel from hundreds of miles away to make a pilgrimage, and listen to whatever prophecies the Oracle had for them.

During your visit here, our expert guide will take you around the world-class museum and archaeological site. They will explain all about Delphi’s significance in ancient Greek culture, who the Oracle was, and how they were consulted before important decisions such as making war or founding colonies were made. You will not only see the spot where the Oracle was said to have lived but will also see an ancient theater and stadium, as well as a temple dedicated to Apollo. This is one of the most evocative places you will visit on this family mythology package to Greece, with some stunning scenery.

Percy Jackson fans will know that the Oracle’s prophecies led him to many an adventure. They may also know that Gaia, who once fought with Percy Jackson in the “Blood of Olympus”, was connected with the Oracle of Delphi. Our guide will explain where this inspiration for the Percy Jackson books came from, along with more myths and legends that will fascinate. By the end of your time in Delphi, you will have been fully initiated into the mysteries of the ancient world, something which you can all talk about during the drive back to Athens before being dropped off at your hotel. Have a good evening meal and get plenty of rest. There is more to come tomorrow!

Stay Overnight In: Athens


Corinth Canal, Epidaurs and Nafplio

You will be collected from Athens by private vehicle, and then start the drive towards the Peloponnese region of Greece. About an hour out of Athens, we will stop off at Corinth canal. This is an incredible feat of architectural skill, and is a good place to take photos. After stretching your legs, you will then carry on to the first destination which is the archaeological site of Epidaurus.

Epidaurus is a large archaeological complex with two main features. The first of these is the theater which has incredible acoustics. The second is the Asklepios healing sanctuary. If your kids are fans of Percy Jackson, they may know that Asklepios was the God of healing from the Rick Riordan book ‘The Blood of Olympus’.

Our final destination of the day is the town of Nafplion. This is often described as one of the most beautiful towns in Greece, and it is easy to see why. Walking through the narrow streets where colourful flowers, outdoor cafes and a laid-back atmosphere prevail, there are plenty of opportunities for some memorable photos. 

Our guide will show you some hidden gems, the main attractions, and also take you to where the best ice cream in town is sold! She will also make suggestions for the best local tavern for a delicious lunch! Get a goodnight's sleep in one of Nafplio's beautiful boutique hotels and get ready for the next adventure!

Finally, before this fabulous day ends, your last stop is at the Komboloi Museum in Nafplion! Unique in the world, this museum offers knowledge along with almost a thousand rare old strings of beads dated from 1700 to 1950. After a short tour, you will watch the fabrication of the strings of beads, and you get to make you own komboloi, selecting beads of pure amber, mastic-amber, faturan-amber, bone, shell, coral, horn, crystal, artificial resin, etc...!

Stay Overnight in: Nafplion 


Ancient Olympia - Birthplace of the Olympic Games

Today, you will visit Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, and one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Greece. In the company of our knowledgeable guide, you will be shown around the site, where they will explain the customs and rituals that were involved in the games. If your kids have read the Percy Jackson book ‘Blood of Olympus’, they will know that this is where Percy and his friends battle Nike – claiming that Adidas shoes are better than Nike’s! In addition to being shown around, you will also have the chance to compete against each other on a running track. How many people do you know have raced on a running track over 2000 years old?! After this full-day tour, you will return to Nafplion.

Stay Overnight In: Nafplion


Learn about Agamemnon and Troy at Mycenae and Ancient Corinth

After breakfast you climb aboard the mini-van and drive to Mycenae which was one of the most important Greek city-states of the ancient world. It is mentioned in many myths and legends, with perhaps the most famous character being King Agamemnon who is known for his role in the war against Troy.

Mycenae is a fortified Bronze Age City which is thought to have reached the height of its power at about 1300 BC, and was said to have been founded by Perseus himself. If you have heard of the war of Troy and King Agamemnon, this was the place that King Agamemnon called home.

Our guide will show you around this UNESCO world heritage site, and explain more about the myths and legends associated with it. Your kids will love exploring the ancient ruins of this once powerful city, as well as learning more about Greek mythology through interactive games and other activities throughout the day.

The next stop is the city-state of ancient Corinth was mentioned in the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts. It was also one of the most important city-states of the ancient Greek world. As our guide shows you around the site, they will explain some of the mythology and legends attached to the area. This includes the story of the Sorceress Medea. You kids may already know of her from the Percy Jackson book The Lost Hero but now they will hear so much more. They may even be shocked at the true nature of the myth!

With stories of King Agamemnon, Troy, Gods and Heroes still fresh in your minds, you will then begin the drive back to Athens Airport to get your flight to Heraklion. The beauty of Crete awaits!

Stay Overnight In: Crete (Heraklion or Lassithi)


Knossos and Heraklion

Your first full day on the island of Crete you will have the chance to relax and enjoy the beach and your hotel. In the afternoon you will visit Knossos and the Arcaheological Musem of Heraklion with our family Percy Jackson guide.

The famous Palace of Knossos is considered to be the oldest city in Europe and was once the center of the powerful Minoan Empire. It is also thought to be where the legend of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur originated from.

Our local guide will show you around the site, explaining the importance of the Minoan civilization, and the legends and myths connected with the site. Percy Jackson fans may already know about the Minotaur and King Minos, but there are more stories waiting to be discovered!

On leaving the archaeological site, your next stop will be the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. This contains many of the treasures and artifacts found at Knossos and other sites on Crete. One intriguing item, is the Phaistos Disc. Thought to date back over 4000 years, no one has been able to decipher the curious text written upon it. Will your kids be the ones to crack the code and reveal to the world what the writing says?

Stay Overnight In: Crete (Heraklion or Lassithi)


Enjoy the island of Crete

After Day 6, we can fully customise the rest of your itinerary. You can extend your stay in Crete for as long as you wish, and even visit another island in the Cyclades after your departure from Crete.

A great optional day trip while in Crete is to visit a place where it all began. You can see the Cave of Zeus, the very place where the King of the Greek Gods was said to have lived as a child!

After breakfast, you will be met at your hotel by our guide, and then driven up into the Lassithi Plateau. Your destination is the Diktaean Andron, otherwise known as the Cave of Zeus. Some legends say he was born in the cave. Others say he was hidden here to protect him from his father Cronus, who would have eaten him had he been found!

It’s quite a strenuous hike up to the top of the cave entrance, but the views are certainly rewarding enough, as is entering the cave. It is very easy to see why people from thousands of years ago thought that this is where Zeus was born. The cave has a feeling of being mysterious, and the stalactites and stalagmites give the interior an otherworldly feel. Our guide will lead the way, explaining the different versions of the myths which connect Zeus and the cave.

Once you have finished exploring the cave, our guide will show you around the Lasithi Plateau, with several stops in small villages along the way. This is a great opportunity to taste some local produce such as olives and cheese. 

Stay Overnight In: Heraklion OR onward journey to more Greek destinations or return home.

Inclusions / exclusions:

  • A hand-picked fully-licensed guide who is great with families
  • Guided tours of all archaeological sites (except for Temple of Poseidon) & walking tour of Nafplion
  • Private luxury transportation
  • All taxes and VAT
  • Meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Accommodation in family-friendly hotels in Greece from 3-5 star (we can arrange this for you)
  • Archaeological site and museum entrance fees



Is the 7 day family mythology package kid friendly?

It absolutely is! We have specially designed our 7 day family mythology package in Greece with families in mind, and in particular kids. Our guides have all been selected for their kid-friendly approach, and we have designed the tours to make sure that everyone is engaged and has fun!

What should we bring with us?

You should bring clothing appropriate for the time of year you are visiting, and other items you normally would on vacation. For day trips, we would strongly suggest bringing a sunhat, sunblock, and sunglasses on the tour, especially during the summer. A bottle of water is also a good idea, as is a fully charged phone or camera to take awesome photos!

What about bad weather?

Greece is renowned for its great weather, but if we get forecasts of weather that might adversely affect your trip in some way, we will get in contact with you to discuss it.

Are the tours in English?

Yes, our guides all speak excellent English. If, however, you would prefer the tours in another language please let us know. We can arrange for guides who speak your preferred language.

How can we book and pay for the 7 day mythology tour in Greece?

All of our Percy Jackson inspired tour in Greece can be booked through this website using Paypal or credit card. Our system is safe and secure, and you will be issued with a voucher to print off when payment is successful. You should bring this voucher (or vouchers) with you to show our guides on tour days.

What is the duration of the 7-Day Greece Trip Inspired by Percy Jackson?

The duration of the trip is 7 days

Which destinations are included in the 7-Day Greece Trip?

The trip visits cities and locations such as Athens (Acropolis, Parthenon), Delphi, Epidaurus, Sounion (Temple of Poseidon), Nafplion, Mycenae, Ancient Corinth,Corinth Canal and Heraklion ( Knossos Palace & Museum).

What are the highlights of the Athens portion of the trip?

In Athens, you'll explore the Acropolis Hill, the Parthenon, and the Acropolis Museum. The journey includes tales from Greek Mythology and comparisons with Percy Jackson’s stories, offering a fun and educational experience for both kids and adults 

What can I expect to see and do in the Peloponnese region?

The Peloponnese part of the tour includes visits to the archaeological site of Epidaurus, Mycenae, Ancient Corinth and  the city of Nafplion. 

Are there any specific Percy Jackson-inspired activities or sites included in the itinerary?

Yes, the trip is designed with Percy Jackson fans in mind, including activities,interactive games and site visits that bring the books' stories to life, making it a memorable experience for followers of the series. Additionally, the tour features cool additions like the use of 3D iPads at the Acropolis and in Knossos to vividly recreate ancient scenes along with surprises for younger participants.

Can I customize the 7-Day Greece Trip to include additional destinations or activities?

The tour is fully customizable to your needs, allowing you to tailor your experience and include additional destinations or activities as desired 

What type of accommodations are provided during the trip?

Accommodations are not included in the package, but Greek Mythology Tours can arrange family-friendly hotel accommodations upon request. 

Is airfare included in the package or do I need to arrange it separately?

Airfare is not included in the 7-Day Percy Jackson Mythology Greece Trip package. We recommend that guests arrange their own air travel to and from Greece. If you need assistance or suggestions for booking internal flights or ferries, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or call our customer service line for personalized support and guidance. 

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