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Delphi Tour Short Description:

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Delphi on a private tour that takes you deeper into the myths and legends that surround this mysterious complex. Known as the Navel of the World, Delphi was the most important religious center and sanctuary in the ancient Greek World.

During our Percy Jackson Delphi Tour, we’ll reveal who the Oracle was and offer different theories behind the religious rites practiced here. We’ll also talk about the connections between the Percy Jackson books and the Oracle at Delphi, explaining the real myths on which the books were based!

What to expect:

Our guide will meet you at your hotel in Athens, and then you will be taken by luxury vehicle to the site at Delphi. During the road trip, our guide will explain the plan for the day, as well as going into some of the history and mythology you’ll need to know to better appreciate your visit.

Arriving at Delphi, you will be guided through both the archaeological site itself (upper and lower), as well as the museum. This tour is based on interaction and fun, and you’ll find our engaging guide presents the site and museum in a way which not only explains what you are seeing, but also fires up the imagination. You’ll easily be able to picture yourself as a pilgrim making their way to Delphi, or even as an athlete taking part in the games here.

With a stop off at a local village for lunch, several other surprise stops, awesome viewing points, and countless photo opportunities, our Percy Jackson Delphi Tour is one you’ll never forget. You’ll feel as though you have been accompanied by a friend who has shown you a hidden side to Delphi, and you’ll come away with a much greater appreciation of ancient Greek society and culture.


Why book Delphi Tour:

  • A unique insight into Delphi
  • Perfect for people who love Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology
  • Discover the history behind the Oracle and Delphi
  • Learn about the myths and legends of Greece
  • An enjoyable, unhurried tour of Delphi and accompanying museum
  • We’ll show you where to take the best photos and videos!

Inclusions / Exclusions:


  • Transport
  • Fully licensed guide specifically trained for our Percy Jackson Tours
  • Guided tour of the Delphi archaeological site and museum
  • All taxes and VAT


  • Snacks and drinks
  • Entrance fees to the site

Would you like to find out more about Percy Jackson Tours in Greece? We have a number of tours that can be taken as individual day trips from Athens, as well as combinations that can form packages. Look through our ‘Tours’ tab, or contact us for more details!

Note: The Percy Jackson tour to Greece and its promotion are not sponsored by Rick Riordan or Disney*Hyperion and they specifically disclaim any legal obligations or responsibilities for the tour.

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Our guide will show you around the archaeological site of Delphi, sharing stories from the Percy Jackson books and Greek Mythology as they explain what each of the temples was for. You will discover who the Oracle was, where she ‘worked’, and just how she may have received her visions! As you explore the upper and lower sites, you’ll get a better understanding of just how significant this ancient sanctuary was, and perhaps, just maybe, feel some of the magic that still lingers in the air!

The Museum of Delphi

No trip to Delphi is complete without seeing the museum at the site, but it can really only be best appreciated with a knowledgeable guide. They will help put the artifacts into context, helping you better appreciate both the site and ancient Greek culture in general.

Below here, we’ve listed the most commonly asked questions along with their answers. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll answer any queries you may have!

Visit Delphi on a Greek Mythology Tour
Just who was the Oracle at Delphi? Discover more during a Greek Mythology Tour

Tour Reviews

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May 17, 2018

Our Percy Jackson experience was superb! We had an outstanding tour guide: not only was she so friendly and easy to get along with, she provided a wealth of information that made the sights just “come alive” for us all. She was especially engaging with our kids, aged 16 and 18. We learned more from her than we ever could have on our own. This trip was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a unique, memorable experience.

May 17, 2018

We had a lovely tour in Delphi with Not only was our guide incredibly knowledgeable, but she also came prepared for our 9 year old Percy Jackson fan. Evita did a nice job of letting my son “be the expert” and chiming in with new information along the way. She kept the tour moving so that my son would stay engaged, providing us with lots of in depth information. I highly recommend Greek Mythology Tours!

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