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Olympia Tour Short Description:

The Peloponnese has a wealth of attractions to be visited, and one of the most important is Ancient Olympia. This archaeological site dates back thousands of years and was the home of the very first Olympic Games. During this day trip from the beautiful town of Nafplion, we will show you around the site explaining how it functioned as a sanctuary, how athletes trained and competed against each other, and its connection with Greek Mythology and the stories from the Percy Jackson saga.

What to expect:

This private Percy Jackson Olympia tour begins when our guide meets you at your hotel in Nafplion. From there, you will be driven in a luxury vehicle to Olympia, located on the west coast of the Peloponnese. During the journey, our guide will explain what is in store for you, point out places of interest, and share some stories from Greek mythology.

Once you have arrived at Olympia, our guide will start to lead you through the site. You will soon appreciate how important Olympia must have been for the ancient Greeks who made pilgrimages here from all over the country to train and compete against one another. The city-states even held truces during the time of the Olympics so that competitors and spectators could travel safely to and from the event!

In addition to the fascinating history connected with the site, there are also many myths and legends our guide will share with you. Of course, there’s a Percy Jackson side to the story too, and you’ll be shown the places where Percy and his companions challenged Nike. We’ll also make sure you know the real version of the Greek Myths that the Percy Jackson books took their inspiration from!

During this tour, you can expect to visit all the main areas of the archaeological site, including the museum, the temple of Zeus, and the ancient stadium. As you enter through the vaulted tunnel to the stadium of Olympia, you will feel a sense of wonder just like those first athletes would have done. You will even have the chance to race each other on the running track, providing the ultimate photo opportunity of your trip to Olympia!


Why book Olympia Tour:

  • A unique way to visit Ancient Olympia
  • The ideal day trip for Percy Jackson and Olympic fans
  • Learn about the history of Olympia and the original Olympic Games
  • Hear myths and legends associated with Olympia and beyond
  • Visit the site of Olympia and museum with an expert local licensed guide
  • Enjoy wonderful photo opportunities

Inclusions / Exclusions:


  • Friendly, fully licensed expert guide
  • Guided tour of the archaeological site of Olympia and museum
  • All taxes and VAT


  • Snacks and drinks
  • Entrance fees to the site

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Sites visited:


Ancient Olympia

Our guide will take you through the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ancient Olympia. Sharing Greek myths and stories from the Percy Jackson books, they will point out significant buildings as you discover that Olympia was not just the birthplace of the first Olympic Games, but also an important sanctuary in Ancient Greece. Prepare yourselves as you walk around – there will be a running race in the original Olympic stadium later on!

The Museum of Olympia

The museum is a fascinating place to visit, and thousands of offerings made to the Gods have been discovered on the site and are now displayed here. You’ll be able to see bronze shields, swords, and war helmets. There are examples of bronze bulls, pottery, and incredible sculptures. You’ll leave here with a much better idea of what the site is about, and how magnificent it must have looked in its prime!

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Percy Jackson Olympia Tour from Nafplion
Ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese
Ancient Olympia
Ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese region of Greece was the birthplace of the Olympic Games

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May 17, 2018

We just returned from an excellent tour, in which my 15 year old twins had a great time!We had a very good experience with GreekMythologyTours and would definitely recommend them. Our guides were like having a friend showing you the secrets of the city but with lots of info that a typical guide would not know.

May 17, 2018

The Olympia Day trip was an amazing experience for our family and especially my 11 year old son. Our guide was so helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly with our son. Thank you Greek Mythology Tours for the amazing experience!! I wish we’ll come back soon.

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