Important facts about the coronavirus in Greece 

We get messages from travelers asking about the coronavirus in Greece, if it’s safe to travel, whether they should cancel. So we’ve gathered some latest info about it and some advice. Please read and share this with those traveling to Greece in the near future.

First of all, Europe is heading into uncharted waters in terms of tourism and to what extent this virus will affect this industry.

As you probably know, there seems to be an outbreak right now in Europe, with different levels of severity from country to country. Italy is definitely hit the hardest with almost 4,000 cases.

 Here in Greece, we’ve got under 100 confirmed cases of which 0 deaths. Although the numbers seem to be rising, there is no panic. A few schools have closed and events have been canceled as a measure of prevention. Also, all public means of transportation in Athens go under disinfection on a daily basis. Measures are taken every day in order to prevent a further outbreak. 

The predictions say that with the beginning of spring (it already smells like spring here in Greece!), the virus won’t spread as fast, however, there can be mutations, therefore we can’t be 100% sure. But life definitely goes on as usual here in Greece.

Our advice is to stay constantly informed about the latest updates from multiple sources. And more importantly, take your precautions exactly as you would do back home: regularly wash your hands, avoid touching the handlebars at the metro and buses, avoid overcrowded places with no open windows and take care of your immunity system: eat well, sleep well and don’t stress; yes, easier said than done. But a walk by the beach barefoot here in Greece works miracles! We are always here if you want to ask anything about the subject.

Should I reconsider or cancel my trip to Greece due to the coronavirus?

This is a truly personal decision of yours that we will fully respect. The most important criteria for a coronavirus cancellation is your destination. According to the latest State Department travel advisories, Greece is currently at Level 1, meaning that only the normal precautions should be exercised at this point if you decide to travel. There is also no evidence supporting that the virus will further spread in the country. Another important fact to consider is your health. If you and your travel party(ies) are healthy, with no chronic medical condition, then the risk of traveling is very low.  Lastly, a piece of handy advice might be to invest in travel insurance with a “cancel for any reason” policy that can offer a partial refund if you decide to call off your vacation -although it increases the plan cost. All in all, the criteria for canceling a trip is a personal decision, and what that looks like will be different for everyone. No matter what your decision may be, we want you to know that we will do our utmost to accommodate you. 


What is your cancellation policy?

Our standard cancellation policy can be found here. But, in the light of this unprecedented situation, we would like to be flexible and understanding of your travel decisions. This is why, until the coronavirus spread passes, we have decided to implement the following:

Cancellation and refunds policy of a scheduled multi-day trip (minimum of 3 days):

If you have booked accommodations through Greek Mythology Tours, please note that we are obliged to follow the cancellation policy of each hotel.
If you decide to cancel your scheduled trip:

  • up to fifteen (15) days prior to the starting date of the trip: full refund, minus EUR 250 as an administrative fee
  • fourteen (14) days or less: no refund
  • no show: no refund

Cancellation and refunds policy of a tour or activity:

Greek Mythology Tours allows for the eventuality that a Participant may need to change or cancel an agreed service. Changing the date of a tour will incur no penalty, providing notification is received in writing at least 2 days prior to the scheduled tour and providing other dates are available and a minimum number of participants is met in order for the tour to take place. Otherwise, the following cancellation policy applies:

  • up to two (2) days prior to the tour: full refund
  • 24 to 48 hours prior to the tour: no refund
  • No show: No refund

When a Participant wants to cancel a tour or trip, they must notify Greek Mythology Tours in writing. Exceptions to these policies cannot be made for any reason.

Can I use my deposit as a tour credit?

Yes! In fact, this would be an ideal solution if Greece has been on your bucket list for some time! If you end up deciding to postpone your trip for some months later or for next summer, we could still work together. You can use your deposit as a credit for your upcoming tour or trip, without having to pay any cancellation fees whatsoever. 

Our regular terms and conditions can be found here: